A moonlight tryst

I so tasted the night my love,As it trickled down from goblets of fading sunsTo my parched, longing throat.Into a warm,Melancholy embrace. Deeper,And deeper,And deeper-To every ounceOf my blood. Metal lingeredAt the back of my tongue.The silver of moonlightRan through my veins.My skin lit up,With the touch of a thousand glowing stars,My eyes gazed rapt,In…

A water lily’s serenade

I sleep in thoseDungeons dark.Shadowed thoughts.Forgotten dreams.Skin paper thin.YetWhen you touch me,With your fingers of gold-The musty mistOf melancholy dies.Darkness cowersUnder your effulgent shine.My skin’s aglowIn your lilac light,Intoxicating, my sun,I your amethyst eyes, In your gentle kiss, is your lover’s rise.

Cosmic dust- an ekphrasis

Touch thisDark melancholy,With those paleFingertips.Whisper the wordsOf silence,With yourSanguine ruby lips. Bring colourTo the darkness,Greens, yellows,Reds and strands.Touch this voidOf vacuum,With yourGentle, healing hands. And in your eyesHold the stars,But, there’s no needTo rehearse.Let’s fall and riseLike cosmic dust,Cause we’re the universe.

A Confession in a Tanka

Exhilarating, That day, when I stabbed the sky, The world slept in peace, The horizon bled to dawn, And I killed, ruthlessly, the night.

Hold on to the moon dear, hold on to it tight

Hold on to the moon dear, hold on to it tight,Follow thy moon to broad daylight,Let it lead you, feel it’s flight, Hold on to the moon dear, hold on to it tight. Let the cadence of its poesy resound in delight,Let it hold your gaze in the bleakest of nights,With the fall of the sun,…