Cosmic dust- an ekphrasis

Touch thisDark melancholy,With those paleFingertips.Whisper the wordsOf silence,With yourSanguine ruby lips. Bring colourTo the darkness,Greens, yellows,Reds and strands.Touch this voidOf vacuum,With yourGentle, healing hands. And in your eyesHold the stars,But, there’s no needTo rehearse.Let’s fall and riseLike cosmic dust,Cause we’re the universe.

The rose thorn

Pretty roses caress thy feet, And those bare of yonder man, Walking to the azure ahead, He could, he will, he can. And roses yet, beneath raw feet, How soft, how sweet, so red, Obliterated, yes just once, For all that lay ahead. Obliterated, yes just once, For roses have bloomed anew, And have laid…