Wabi-sabi: Honoring transience

The foamy seaSalt on meFoam on meSalt in the sea. Azure skySeagulls highAnd I’m highAnd seagulls fly. My legs in sandWhite flour on landMy legs on landWhite flour is sand. Breeze hits skinWorld’s on a spinAnd then I spinWhen wind hits skin. Nature’s flowLife’s on a go,Don’t let it goBecome the flow. ~ Japanese life…

The sky is a poem

The sky is a poem,Painted in vibrant rhyme,It cries in gentle metaphors,That drench me time to time. All its hues are varied moods,In its colors bright and bold,Are underlying similes,And narratives untold. It blushes in crimson allegory,Through sun kissed golden odes,And merges into bleaker nights,And snowy, pallid roads. An embodiment of elegies,It lists to this…

In a salad state of mind!

Na hallo fruende! Another wonderful week and I must say that it has been very healthy. You see, I just had another rendezvous with food and guess what? It had so much more to say!Every time I have a brush with food, I believe it to be the last of our ‘chance meetings,’ and as…

A water lily’s serenade

I sleep in thoseDungeons dark.Shadowed thoughts.Forgotten dreams.Skin paper thin.YetWhen you touch me,With your fingers of gold-The musty mistOf melancholy dies.Darkness cowersUnder your effulgent shine.My skin’s aglowIn your lilac light,Intoxicating, my sun,I your amethyst eyes, In your gentle kiss, is your lover’s rise.

Cosmic dust- an ekphrasis

Touch thisDark melancholy,With those paleFingertips.Whisper the wordsOf silence,With yourSanguine ruby lips. Bring colourTo the darkness,Greens, yellows,Reds and strands.Touch this voidOf vacuum,With yourGentle, healing hands. And in your eyesHold the stars,But, there’s no needTo rehearse.Let’s fall and riseLike cosmic dust,Cause we’re the universe.