A water lily’s serenade

My little rendezvous with this beautiful Egyptian water lily.

I sleep in those
Dungeons dark.
Shadowed thoughts.
Forgotten dreams.
Skin paper thin.
When you touch me,
With your fingers of gold-
The musty mist
Of melancholy dies.
Darkness cowers
Under your effulgent shine.
My skin’s aglow
In your lilac light,
Intoxicating, my sun,
I your amethyst eyes,
In your gentle kiss, is your lover’s rise.

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  1. vintageblack says:

    Sorry i hadn’t given this one a proper read before. This is PURE AND FLOWERY AND MUCH NEEDED SUGAR FOR MY EYES. You are right. I may need a bit more sugar. Keep sending us exotic flowers. I might get a water lily tattooed soon. Recurrent skin poem patterns. Happy Sunday Mister!

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