The colorful turmoil

Before you drown in slumber,

as you lie in bed,

close your eyes and turn inside,

right inside your head.

You shall see the vibrancy,

the eye dazzling scenes,

of colors merging in your thoughts,

tranquil and serene.

The yellows those have made your day,

with greens that are alone,

the reds that make you lovable,

the blues that make you moan.

However, can they fade away,

can someday say goodbyes,

but always do they brighten up,

and dazzle up the skies.

No matter what the colors are,

let your eyes bleed and uncoil,

into your inner universe:

the colorful turmoil.

‘ The colorful turmoil ‘ – my watercolor painting that forms the base of this poem.

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