Welcome to Planet Earth

The easternmost horizon,

smothered in sun rays,

while the westernmost succumbs,

under the lifeless, choking grays.

The jagged mountain range below;

exuberance it hides,

however, tumbling down the gorge,

it travels in landslides.

The fierce river running dry,

the lake a shade of wood,

trees fleeing from forest fires,

only if they could.

The sea waiting for rivers to drain,

as it glistens in shades of teal,

greeted by shoals of choking fish,

and stranded polar seals.

Mercury expanding even further,

humans unaware,

extinction is the edging turtle,

while we’re the napping hare.

Now, this is the very realm

where death’s the same as birth,

an ice cube melting in our hands;

Welcome to Planet Earth…

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