Virid tranquility

The mountains echo,

with the diminishing cold,

as the sun rays tiptoe,

and set everything to gold.

The birds begin to chirp,

the flowers begin to bloom,

the river starts to tumble,

breaking the silent gloom.

A gentle breeze tugs the grasses,

the cliff falls down deep,

dainty flowers of approaching spring,

begin to sprout and peep.

A blue sky stretches vividly,

landscaping the scene,

so much happening, yet so still,

like it has always been.

Gazing at the flamboyance,

and the beauty of this sight,

Nature composes harmonies,

beats darkness by her light.

The everlasting Roman queen,

she brings heaven down to Earth,

every chirp and every bloom,

adds to her plentiful mirth.

In her womb I find myself,

in her womb, I’m lost,

though she might be thinning down,

her beauty does not exhaust.

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