A bit of Cantonese Xing fu

The world showcases brilliant cuisines. From the humility of the Indian food to the comfort in the Italian, each cuisine nonetheless arouses a wide variety of feelings in people which are rather difficult to shake off. However, the bewildering fact about world cuisines is that the taste is not all that has the caliber to deliver feelings and emotions in one’s mind and it goes far ahead than that. Sometimes the look of the cuisine in itself is breathtaking and leaves us salivating. Sometimes its the aroma that catches attention and quite often it is the process that goes into recreating such cuisines as home cooks. And the particular reason why I call the Cantonese cuisine a little bit of happiness (in Mandarin of course) is the very thing mentioned above.

When one cuisine can be so extravagantly vibrant, lavishly aromatic and spectacularly delicious, it is quite wrongful to say that it does not bring happiness. Just observe the authenticity in traditional Cantonese food and the hints of green, pops of flavour and the umami of the aromatics will sing to you a comforting Christmas carol that you might never want to stop listening to.

My experiment with the Cantonese style of cooking began with this dish and it seems that even more of these experiments are about to take place. My spin on this cuisine showcases Cantonese glass rice noodles stuffed with a handmade five spice carrot and bean saute with fresh cucumbers, white radish and sesame topped off with a tangy soy and schezwan vinaigrette. Not only did this dish taste good, it also made me feel pity for the helpless Chinese food that has been recreated to fit in the Indian palate, far away from authenticity. If only authentic Chinese food was brought out more often,it wouldn’t be just the regular spicy, salty noodles but a lot more freshness,respect and Xing fu on a plate. While the ‘Revolution for Authenticity’ slowly makes path, here is a little bit of Cantonese happiness (Xing fu) and a plate of hopefully authentic Cantonese food.

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