Bouncing back

They just go on laughing at you

using their little lies,

and then enjoy the moments when

water gushes down your eyes.

They tell you that you aren’t good

you say, “Yes, I am not,”

they make you lie to yourself then

while they just lie a lot.

When you think you’re beautiful

they tell you that you’re wrong,

and everyday a mirror breaks

when you play that petty song.

But you and I both are aware

there’s no reason to be low,

for you contain more beauty than

a mirror can ever show.

It’s their eyes that cannot behold

the diamonds that you’re worth,

and the change that you can make

as a diamond of the Earth

No matter how long you are suppressed

no matter you’re called wrong,

every time they’ll put you down

you must bounce back strong!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Sneha B says:



  2. Shreyas Shekde says:

    Well done. Great job. You are such a talented person. Hope you achieve more in your life. Life will give you a great success.


  3. Sandeep Pise says:

    Wonderful Poem. Keep it up.


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