Peace over war

Blight shadows every cranny

there’s war, there’s pain,

and we continue doing so

calling ourselves humane.

We stain the rivers in perpetual blood

and drink water from the same,

we talk about wilderness beneath

while calling ourselves tame.

We send a group of children to school

and give rifles to other groups,

we sit around and talk ’bout peace

while investing in army troops.

We debate over the olive branch

and the peaceful holy dove,

yet shoot unknown people down

and call it eternal love!

Everybody wants to rule the land

even when they’ll die without a piece,

the world is still succumbing under war

I guess it’s time for peace…


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Shreyas Shekde says:

    Excellent vocabulary. Keep exploring new words and poems. Wish that in future, you will be one of the greatest poet in the world. Well done. Keep it up


  2. Dr Ashwin Dahake says:

    It’s a great achievement that you wrote a poem. I wish you become the most acclaimed & winsome poet. God bless you.


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