Wings to freedom

I’m seeing the world

from my sanctuary,

the deep, cozy, high palace

and time doesn’t ever hurry.

Sun rays just gleam in

the world has hardly seen,

how my reservoir is

and how it has been.

Days go by silently

but a film lies midway,

separating me and the crowd

and it just seems to stay.

A longing inside me

wants to tear down these walls,

to leap across

and stand by all falls.

I want to be the crowd

but doesn’t that just flow?

unnoticed and indifferent

a put up monotonous show?

And I’m torn and muzzled

for I’m different you see,

but I want my voice in there

and want people to hear me.

I ponder over months

while going through it slow,

till it’s time to go there

and that’s all I know.

But I won’t flow with the crowd

instead will take it with me,

and it was just a start

that set myself free!

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