The cataract

Soft silk cascades

and lazily flows,

crumbles and smoothens

and harnesses close.

Transparency optimum

placed with crystals that glow,

with all the sun rays

that lance below.

A mirror unbreakable

of human and his kind,

for the able and special

for the sighted and blind.

And this sparkling silk

that drapes the land,

meanders over hills

and smoothens around sand.

It flows with no worries

and just goes and goes,

unsure of its journey

and the plummets that are close.

The flow then halts

for a second or so,

and descends down the cliff

where stands the real show.

As if infuriated of the drop

the silk tears up to streams,

and hits hard over boulders

letting light out in gleams.

The tranquility of its journey

ends in chaos and dismay,

but the very sight of breakdown

is where nature and beauty lays.

Yes, it falls hard

but it rises back in mist,

the most hostile of places

is where my beauty exists.

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