A little taste of home

Home, a word that brings a smile to anyone’s face and warmth to anyone’s mind; home, that brings back memories so serene and untouched; home, that fills one’s eyes with tears of nostalgia; home, that reminds one of the comfort flavors they have grown with; home, that gives a perfect break from one’s routine…

Life brings us across various people at various stages and it is always enchanting to hear about someone’s childhood. Realizing how fun someone’s childhood in the past could be, certainly teaches so much to one, but what is more satisfying than the ‘boredom-free’ childhood recalling is the contentment on one’s face while retelling their past and all other emotions that follow. I remember a time when I talked to my father about his childhood and it all ended on the note of tears of mirth rolling down his face. This anecdotal reference not only taught me about the way people enjoyed the past even with the least of amenities but it also displayed a vehement impact one’s family and home can have on someone.

Thinking about all of these little instances inspired me to capture the reminiscence into one dish I knew everyone at home loves. Classified as comfort food, I knew that there had to be some change in the way I made it to capture the essence of the dish without hampering my love for fine dine. Thus with these thoughts in my mind was born my deconstructed apple pie or simply apple pie 2.0.

With a luscious salted caramel at the base, the dish features apples two ways: fresh, tart apple slices and a softened apple and cinnamon reduction, cinnamon sugar coated pie crust, a roasted walnut crumb and a little bit of love. Born from a legendary dessert, I hope this dessert not only seduces you, but it also brings back your childhood memories flooding in. Do let me know how this post helped you reconnect to your past!

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    1. Shanyu says:

      Thank you so much mate!


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