In the night sky…

He spills water from his vessel

and washes away the past,

he bears the water

and what it may cast.

A pair of fish slips past

and a ram idles close,

the swan swoops with the lyre

and the twins dance on toes.

A perfect hunting ground

for the bright-starred hunter,

facing the charging bull

as the dogs around saunter.

Virgo the maiden of beauty

sits deep in her thoughts,

as the ferocious lion pair

devour what they have caught.

Aquila hovers above

as Corvus is let loose,

hideous and dark

this raven soars for news.

A chained up princess

overlooked by the queen,

Andromeda and Cassiopeia

as close as they are seen.

And every day this forest dazzles

when dusk comes by,

as these mystical creatures

light up the night sky.

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