How it all came to life…

A blue porcelain set,

a chopstick alone,

sit still in the glass case,

one’s lined with gold,

one’s stringed to solitude,

as both wear a worn- out face.

I look at both,

and the things that I own,

and so many are just a question,

do I own them?

are they mine?

I have so much in my possession?

But the porcelain set,

and the lonely chopstick,

appealed to me at sight,

for the porcelain just grew,

and the chopstick just idled,

with none of their use to excite.

Filled the porcelain with words,

though it continued to grow,

for my lexicon grew too,

picking up the chopstick,

the solitary chopstick,

I said, ” Let’s find something for you!”

The chopstick came with me,

where it could have dreamt,

it believed in Carpe diem,

Porcelain gave words,

and the chopstick rhymed them,

and was born my first poem!

The story behind my story…

Everyone has something that they love doing. Stepping a year or two back, I found my calling in language. It had become quite a habit of mine to look up for a new word each day and note it down. As days flew by, I started keeping a thesaurus of my own, meticulously crafted with all of the words I had come across. My thesaurus (the blue porcelain set) had grown quite a lot eventually, but it hadn’t found actual use until when I finally decided to pen down the thoughts that ran through my mind but were too difficult to be spoken of. Funny enough, my mind( the solitary chopstick) got the thoughts penned down in the form of rhymes and my love for poetry was born.

It has always been nature’s law that change is constant and the form poetry was introduced to me has shown me that the sky’s the limit! A humble concept like discovering new words can be worked into a love for something even better, like the growth of this blog itself. There have been constant motivators all along the way but what can be better than self motivation and realising what is your call?

You have lots of qualities in your possession and all it takes to realise them and draft them to something bigger, better and influential is a decision that you have to take today. The only constant is change, but though the forms may change, what each one has within them is authenticity and it’s time we adore it!

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