Dark luminescence

The sun descends

perhaps in the valley below

as the twilight stars twinkle,

string along and tiptoe.

Peaks are just a silhouette now

as the evening glow resigns

the trees turn to mirrors

emitting everlasting shine.

However the stars just stay

aren’t fairy lights on the tree

for fairy lights stringed today

produce warmth and certain glee.

The stars just remind gazers

of the dead of the night

but who can stop fireflies

from creating their own light?

Who says the night’s just hideous

when it’s a blessing in disguise

for glowworms have lit up the vale

and will continue to mesmerize…

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  1. Sushant Soni says:

    Brilliant!! You have an excellent choice of words.
    What you are doing is amazing. For the first time this thought crossed my mind, conveying of your emotions using the beautiful arrangement of words can produce a great effect.
    I am not so proficient yet in comprehending the poems written in English, but now, after going through a couple of your poems, I might start improving myself in that direction. So thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It means a lot coming from you. Thank you Chacha!


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