Where paradise is…

Cold springs of water

gushing down the cliffs

falling into the canopy

‘the verdant abyss.’

Blooming water lilies

risen from the muck

softly-sweet scented

writing their own luck.

Mystic lagoons

blue as the sky above

tendrils of tenderness

and air full of love.

Chirping of winged chariots

echoing through the land

clouds of spirituality

and rainbows at stand.

Perfectly blissfull

as angels play the harp

soothing notes a second

and crescendos that are sharp.

Shangri-la to the world

not what says my grin

paradise is experiencing nothingness

and the ability to look within!

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  1. Siddiaui S. Shahezad says:

    Excellent work BETA 👍👏👏👏


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  2. So Nice,
    The vastness within,
    Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Shanyu says:

      Thank you so much Friend. Have a beautiful week

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      1. Thank you and,
        Wish you the same, always!

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      2. Shanyu says:

        Cheers 🥂

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