Raining stars

I’m drenched in darkness

Far East and far west

but this is when my beauty

is at its absolute best.

Clad in a black gown

I’m adorned with diamonds rare

so many, but intricate

perfectly placed with care.

My robe carries a tail

later to be seen

this is my legacy

and has always been.

As dark as I am

the legacy’s bright and bold

my story can be enchanting

or set you on a cold.

But I am still in blacks

haven’t let go of gems yet

the chariot’s here to take me

my beauty’s to be met.

Dressed in this elegance

as I enter the hall

predictions say my diamonds

are about to make a fall.

Profoundly circumstantial

as my diamonds set to flight

people wish upon them

for I’m a meteor shower night!

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