Rolls royce

Not all cars can take you

to places you want to see

there are actually very few

that match up with our glee.

They say these cars are Rolls royce

farther in reach than the sun

it would be perfectly true

if no one ever had one.

Many actually have found theirs

gifted in their yard

‘by destiny’

is what says the card.

It is a matter of luck

idling only gifts cars to few

and this is where their words

hit ground and stay true.

Little do some people know

that destiny is written by us

not all people want a Rolls royce

to go faster than the bus.

Not all want to hit the roads

but want to fly above them

and the cars aren’t Rolls royce

but these people are this gem.

Thus as I write

I actually root for what they say

dreamers are farther in the sky

than the sun at the day.

The Rolls royce car

is just an ostentation

but if you are a Rolls royce

you’re success’s manifestation.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Meera Kurulekar says:

    Love the thought in your poem shanyu, great job 👍


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