Blooming in adversity

Thorny bushes and rocks

allowed destiny to bloom

flamboyantly contrasting

against torments of gloom.

Dainty and small

against the unyielding land

better in a bouquet

in a newly wed hand.

But fate writes differently

for all those who stay

eventually life’s purpose

is found out one day.

The flower on the wrong stage

thus wasn’t valued for its grace

but things aren’t meant to be the same

in the first place .

The petalled belle however

knew its purpose true

for it didn’t succumb under

the monotony of blue.

Sometimes beauty of art

isn’t adoring it like a gem,

but the power of some people

who make things as beautiful as them!

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  1. yxrjtatsal says:

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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