High on heat!

Poof! Summer days have hit already and the temperatures? Well the sweat says it all!

Summertime however gets in these tropical vibes which you cannot and do not want to get rid of…

With beach side resorts seeing summer as an money making opportunity,

summers are nonetheless ecstasy for foodies ( and me too!)

Watermelons and lemonades, slushies and pineapples, strawberries and kiwis, ICE CREAM, and eventually every cool product finds its way to my kitchen the moment the sun calls out from its solstice, and here I bring you one of my recreation based on one summer drink that ticks all the boxes of comfort!

Pina colada : coconut and cream, pineapples and rum , a summertime dream!

Here’s coconut yogurt , caramelized pineapple too, strands of spun sugar , solace from the summer for you!

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