The other facade of night

The twisted woods enveloped

in lifeless gray haze

The night : motionless

under the unknown one’s gaze.

The woody naked branches

formed distorted canopies

dark flowers bloomed

on leafless, dry trees.

The forest floor rustling

under the voiceless screams

so realistically fictitious

like sombre lucid dreams.

Weirdly humid

with every breath icy cold

sweating and frostbite

nothing but fear to behold.

The feeling of being watched

through starless, dead skies

trepidation in the heart

till she finally dies.

‘She’ the dark side of night

who hunts by silence alone

where her enchanting beauty

looks nothing but an unforgiving stone.

Intimidating her preys

forcing hallucinations malign

beauty without wisdom

feeding off fear from the benign.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mayur devare says:

    Very nice shanyu, keep it up buddy.


  2. bhawnap says:

    Impressively articulated


  3. Sweety Asawa says:

    Very nice dear
    Superb keep it up
    Waiting for next poem


  4. Meera says:

    Simply Superb dear, your smallest emotions also expressed so profoundly, waiting for more poems from you!


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