The river of words

ran suddenly dry

Wasn’t the choke

right before a cry.

A brouhaha of emotions

none hyaline

Was sure it wasn’t the guilt

of committing a sin.

Didn’t feel a tickle

obviously not pink

Wasn’t all sombre

like the darkest of ink.

Looked at the sky

wasn’t impeccably bright

Nor were there clouds

to devour the light.

A speck of yellow

just perfectly placed

Didn’t give me hope in the dark

oh! a dilemma I faced.

I tried to scrutinize the speck

was I meant to do so?

Nah! it seemed to drown

it immersed eminently low.

For once I knew

it wasn’t the horizon to engulf the speck

Apparently the melee of my emotions

has made me a complete wreck.

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