A gleam of colour

Cascaded through the sky

I lay gazing

As the purple night passed by.

Diamonds scattered in the sky

From the fall of the night

They froze where they fell

And emitted light.

Though deep and vast

Black but bright

What lay overhead

Was a scenic sight.

It wasn’t surprising

Until a breeze blew by

I found myself staring at me

In the reflecting sky.

But the image looked better

I don’t know the cause

I’ve found the better side of me

Trouvaille it was !

7 Comments Add yours

  1. meghmayu says:

    Hi Shanyu,
    Its like you have Start and end in your mind,
    N streched the body, would like to chat wth u whenever we meet dude, keep writing…


  2. Sonalimandhane says:

    Wow ur new talent read today…..very good poem keep it up


  3. Sarang Gadekar says:

    Nice poem Shanti… keep it up..


  4. Sarang Gadekar says:

    Nice Poem Shanti
    Very well writhen..


    1. Sarang Gadekar says:

      # Shanyu..


  5. Payal says:

    Too gud very nice poem Ur the star


  6. Meera says:

    Loved this poem so much, great articulation shanayu, keep it up


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