Galaxies…..A Sonnet

Into the dense wood

With a stick in my hand

I wonder if I should

Leave back the land

Fly as high as I can

In the dazzling skies

The galaxy waiting for man

Till it finally dies

Well it’s in millions of years

But the glamour is to be found

To desist our fears

and follow the alluring sound

But, dreaming of space is down on my shelf

I’ve got galaxies to discover in myself.

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  1. vivek says:

    Congratulation on the blog Shanyu. Both the poems are wonderful !!! The choice of vocabulary words is amazing. Keep writing !!!

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    1. Thank you Vivek Uncle


  2. Dr Archana Kabra says:

    Congratulations Shanayu for the great start ing .both the poems are wonderful language and words excellent at this age.keep it up.

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  3. Rupali Rathi says:

    Congratulations multitalented bravo…
    Yet a lot to come….

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