Ahoy mateys!


I hope to make this blog a journey for us. A journey of love, laughter, tears, and peace. I hope, through my blog posts, I can get myself out there, and slowly harvest the words, the emotions, that flow in my veins. That spill, like the vast of the night, onto a writer’s canvas, onto my canvas. 

What you shall see here is unique poetry meticulously crafted by me. Symbolism plays a vital role in most of my poems, although I write others that appeal to a larger audience.  I hope to make all of you, my readers, free of worldly trouble and want to take you to a world of thought through my words.  I intend, with all my poems, to make you think. To plant a seed of emotion in your minds, that I hope will grow into a beautiful tree of inspiration.

Food too, plays a huge role in making me and this blog what it is, so through occasional food stories, I hope to bring my passion of culinary arts to you. Food brings us all together, this time too, I hope it will.

Hold on folks, you are about to get a taste of a  poet chef!